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Vehicle Leasing Order Process

24th Aug 2019 - Our vision is to help, motivate and encourage as many people as we can to drive the car that matches your dreams and aspirations!
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Step one: Receiving your enquiry

We will aim to obtain the following information from you:

  • The vehicle make and model that you want (including spec and options)
  • Your chosen contract term
  • Your chosen annual mileage
  • Your chosen initial rental (minimum 1 month)
  • Do you wish to include maintenance with your contract
  • How soon you would like delivery of your new vehicle

Step two: Sourcing your vehicle

Once we have received all the necessary information, using our relationships with lenders & vehicle suppliers across the UK, we will then source your vehicle and provide you with a lease quotation.

Step three: Finance proposal

If you're happy with your quotation, you will be asked to complete a finance proposal form; this will be forwarded onto the relevant lender, so they can carry out their necessary credit check's.

Step four: Vehicle order

Once all relevant credit checks have been approved, your vehicle will be ordered with the supplying dealer.

Once your vehicle has been ordered, we will track the progress; this allows us to track exactly when your vehicle is built, shipped, arrives in the UK and available for delivery. (If you’re ordering a vehicle which is already built and in stock, this process is shortened)

Step five: Finance documents

Before we can book the delivery of your vehicle, you will be required to read and sign your finance documents along with providing your proof of identification documents.

Step six: Delivery of your vehicle

Once your finance documents along with identification documents have successfully been received, checked and approved by the lender, we can then book delivery of your vehicle.

Your vehicle will be delivered nationwide via our dealership network for no additional cost. There will be a professional handover by the delivery driver to enable you to familiarize yourself with your new vehicle.

Step seven: Follow up call

Once your car has been delivered, you will receive a call from one of our team to ensure you are happy with your delivery.

If you have any final questions, we will be happy to answer them.

You will then be free to enjoy your new vehicle!!

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