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Our Leasing Process

Step 1 – Making a New Enquiry

Enquiring about your selected vehicle

Once you have made your enquiry we will contact you to understand your situation and goals. We will need to ask you several questions that will help us get a better understanding of which outcome will be suitable for you. You may already have an idea of the type of agreement you require, the vehicle you want and the budget you want to spend, but even if you don’t we will be happy to make suggestions. 

You will have a dedicated leasing consultant that will remain your main point of contact throughout this process, and will also be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All vehicle leasing quotations will be provided in writing, detailing any excess mileage charges or application fees that may be applicable.

Step 2 – The Finance Proposal 

Complete on paper or online

Upon deciding to apply for finance, Leaselife will either email you our form to print, complete and return, or invite you to complete a form online.

We will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have whilst completing this task. 

Our form will contain a section advising you that your credit file will be searched by the relevant finance company, and asking for your consent to this. 

Once a decision has been received by the finance company, your leasing consultant will contact you to discuss the decision, and to inform you of any acceptance conditions relating to the proposal. 

If the application passes finance with the lender, the £195.00 plus VAT administration fee is payable at this point. However, If the application fails finance, there is no administration fee to pay.

Leaselife will notify you of which finance company we will be using for your application prior to submitting it.

Step 3 – Order Procedure 

Placing your vehicle order with us.

A vehicle order form will then be sent to you to sign. The order form will detail all the information included in the quotation. This can be signed electronically if preferred. 

Once your signed vehicle order has been received, your vehicle will be ordered with one of our supplying dealers and you will receive an email to confirm when your vehicle is expected to arrive. All vehicles leased with Leaselife are supplied by the manufacturer’s franchised UK dealer network.

If your vehicle is a factory order (e.g. your vehicle is still to be built) your order will be sent to the factory and given a build allocation slot by the manufacturer. Lead times for factory orders vary from vehicle to vehicle and depend on a number of factors including the build allocation slot, customer demand and the time of the year you place your order. As a benchmark, most manufacturers deliver a factory order within four months, although some prestige models can take longer.

We have developed excellent partnerships with some of the most trusted dealerships in the country, offering you not only a great price on your new vehicle but also the trust and reliability that comes from a main dealership.

All of our dealers are specialists in their field and work to an agreed set of standards to ensure you receive the very highest levels of service. Every car or van leased with Leaselife also comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty and road tax.

Step 4 – Your Finance Documents 

Signing your finance documentation

Once your finance documents have been produced by the finance company our administration team will contact you to request any I.D that may be required. Upon receipt of your I.D documents, Leaselife can then forward the finance documentation on to you for completion. 

Please ensure that you follow the instructions sent from our administration team because if the finance documents are not completed correctly they will need to be re-signed. This can ultimately lead to delays in delivering the vehicle to you.

Your leasing consultant will have already discussed delivery dates with you and Leaselife will always endeavour to deliver within the discussed time frames. 

Most finance companies will collect your initial rental by direct debit after vehicle delivery so you may not be asked to pay the balance before delivery. You can check this by contacting your leasing consultant.

Step 5 – Delivery of Your New Vehicle 

Confirmation of Delivery

Leaselife will be in a position to arrange your vehicle delivery as soon as all the finance documentation has been returned and processed by the finance company. 

For some agreements, there are 14-day cooling-off periods that we must adhere to after you have signed the documents. We will have to wait for any cooling off period to expire before contacting you to arrange a delivery date for your vehicle.

We will book the next available delivery slot and confirm that this is convenient for you. All vehicles are delivered by an experienced driver, who will contact you approximately 30 minutes before delivery. If you would prefer to have your vehicle delivered on a transporter this can be also arranged but please be aware that this could delay the delivery. There may also be an additional charge for having your vehicle delivered on a transporter. 

We expect your vehicle to be delivered in showroom condition and we’re confident that this will be the case. If however, you feel this is not the case then please contact your leasing consultant before signing for the vehicle, as problems are difficult to rectify after delivery has taken place. 

The driver will ask you to sign a delivery note and then you are free to enjoy your newly leased vehicle!

Post Delivery

After your car has been delivered, you will receive a call from your leasing consultant to ensure you are happy with your delivery.

Just because we have delivered your vehicle does not mean that we cease to care for you as a customer. If you have any problems, no matter how big or small, please contact your leasing consultant who will be happy to discuss and advise you accordingly. 

Leaselife will also stay in touch with you throughout your contract to ensure that you are happy with everything. To help us with our goal of continuous improvement, we will request your customer feedback.

End of Contract

Leaselife will contact you 6 months before the end of your contract to establish your options and offer our assistance, whether it is providing quotations for a new vehicle, or answering any questions you may have.