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Common Asked Questions

  • Who should I use to service the vehicle?

    This depends on the finance company behind your deal. Most finance companies are happy for you to have your vehicle serviced anywhere, providing that whomever you chose is using approved parts. We would recommend ensuring this; you go directly to the manufacturer of your car or van.

  • When should I service my vehicle?

    Most cars will inform via the onboard computer when they are due for service. If you’re
    concerned about anything, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.

  • Will I get the V5C document/ Log Book?

    If the car is a contract hire you will not receive the Log Book. The car is registered to the finance company therefore the document remains with them for the duration of the contract.

  • Can I take the car abroad?

    You can take the car abroad but should request a ‘VW103’ form from the finance company. You can contact us to help point you in the right direction. There are also restrictions on the number of days you can take a UK registered car abroad, and you can find out more on the GOV.uk website.

  • Can I put a private plate on the car?

    Yes, but please keep in mind that most finance companies charge an admin fee for this
    process on top of any charges from the DVLA.

  • If I have a problem with my car who do I call?

    If it is a suspected warranty issue, contact your local dealer who will investigate any faults. If you’re not sure, Leaselife are more than happy to hear your concerns and help you with resolving your issue.

  • Are all your cars brand new?

    All our cars are brand new. Some cars may be advertised pre-registered, which we will
    inform you of at quotation stage.

  • Do the cars come with warranty?

    All cars come with the manufacturer’s standard UK warranty.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?

    Where possible we avoid any cancellation charges. Leaselife do not seek any compensation for cancelled orders. In some cases the supplying dealer or leasing company will seek cancellation penalties – if this is the case, we will of course let you know at the time of order.

  • What is your complaints procedure?

    If you unfortunately feel the need to make a complaint, then you can find our complaints procedure on our home page. Leaselife is a respected establishment, and we always aim to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers. Any comments or improvements will always be taken on board and dealt with properly.

  • What do the credit searches involve?

    The credit search forms part of the financial paperwork, as would be the same with any purchase or lease of a vehicle. The search varies from lender to lender, but most look at your recent accounts and sometimes will run a quick check on the Director of the company you’re leasing a car for. If you’re leasing with us as a private individual, then the standard credit checks apply.

  • What is included in a full maintenance package?

    This varies from funder to funder however in the main a full maintenance package will cover all your servicing and tyres required to run the car during normal use throughout the contract. Most of our providers even cover punctures as part of the tyre policy.

  • What happens when I want to go ahead?

    When you’re ready to place an order, we require you to simply fill out your application form, sign your order quote and advise us when you want your vehicle to be delivered. We never send your details anywhere without your express permission.

  • Do you charge admin or processing fees?

    As an FCA licensed organisation we are transparent about our fees and commission. As a sales based business we rely purely on commission and we charge an arrangement fee of £195 + VAT for our services. This arrangement fee is payable by BACs payment. The payment is taken once the signed order has been received. Please let us know if you would like to request further information regarding our commission figures.

  • Where do you source the cars?

    All cars are sourced from UK based main or franchised dealers.

  • Why use a leasing broker?

    A leasing broker brings together several major finance companies, potentially hundreds of supplying dealers, vehicle buying groups to ensure our customers get the very best deals available. This can understandably seem overwhelming, so Leaselife do all the hard work for you and negotiate a price that means you can get the best possible vehicle for your needs.